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  • The detection under the light microscope has been until now the gold standard for malaria acute diagnosis because it fulfils most of important diagnostic criteria [1]: Provided that a trained and skilled lab worker is performing the method and interpretation, Plasmodium parasites can be detected, identified and specified by morphological criteria. Also, differentiation of the life cycle stages of the parasites, quantification, and monitoring the effectiveness of malaria treatment is possible. The method is easy to perform and relatively low in cost. For microscopic examination, a specimen of the patient’s blood is smeared

  • In the last years, the use of Rapid Diagnostic Tests (RDTs) has increased a lot for acute diagnosis, especially in sub-Saharan Africa. There, 75 % of malaria tests have been carried out with RDTs in 2017 [1]. The RDTs are based on the reaction with specific parasitic antigens. There are several RDTs on the market which vary according to specificity. For the test, blood from a finger prick is taken and introduced to the RDT card. The result is shown in form of bands on the test card window within a

  • Diagnosis of Malaria parasites has got high relevance in many parts of the world. The significant numbers of malaria infections and high death rates throughout the years make malaria the most dangerous parasitic infection worldwide. For example, these global referring numbers are given by the WHO in its world malaria report 2019 [1]:   in 2018 there were 228 million malaria cases. compared to that: in 2010 there were 251 million malaria cases.   In the same years death rates were remarkable: in 2018 there were 405,000 deaths from malaria. And earlier: in 2010 there were 585,000 deaths from malaria.   We can

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